Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rockettes, Donuts, and Time Machines

Hello again out there! I know it's been quite a while since I posted on here, but I've been super busy! With finals, working, and travelling to New York City, I hadn't quite been able to find the time, or inspiration, for a new post in the past few weeks. However, my many adventures in the Concrete Jungle provided just the encouragement that I needed!

The reason why I traveled to New York City was to audition for the Radio City Rockettes! To be a part of that infamous kick-line has always been a dream of mine. While it didn't come true this year, there is still hope, and I will not give up easily! After a few days of gallivanting around "the city," it was unfortunately time for me to return back to the real world. Upon arriving at the airport, I realized that my flight was delayed! My concerns of missing my connection in Atlanta only grew as our departure time was pushed further and further back. Discouraged, I found a place upstairs to wait out the three more hours that now remained until I took off from New York. But little did I know that I was soon to meet one of the most amazing human beings that I have ever encountered.

His name is Jacob, and he is five years old.

It didn't take long for him to come over and begin a conversation once I had sat down a few seats away. Without any inhibitions, he quickly began telling me about his love of trains and machines. I found out a few moments later that this display of amicability might have been fueled by a strawberry-frosted donut that he had recently consumed ;). And speaking of donuts, Jacob LOVES Chinese donuts, and Chinese "cuisine" in general! (Yes, he used the word cuisine!). When he told me that he was five years old, I said that I wished I could be five years old again, too. After a moment's contemplation, he informed me that if I had a time machine,  I could! I then discovered that he is an excellent drawer of time machines. As he was teaching me how to draw, I thought to myself that I had never met another five year old with whom I could have a full, intelligent conversation with. He was intimidatingly bright! As the time passed, Jacob and I amassed quite the collection of drawings, including time machines, stages full of ballerinas, and kitty cats. After a while, my stomach began to growl, and when I returned with a donut of my own (this one covered in star-shaped sprinkles), he immediately informed me that he would have named it "Starry Night." Through our conversation, I found out that Jacob and his mom were also on my flight, and were headed to the same final destination!

Once we finally departed and landed in Atlanta, we had already missed our connecting flight and were forced to stay in a hotel overnight and take the next flight out in the morning. Our adventure was not yet over! When our little caravan reached the information counter to receive our vouchers, I sat on the floor and talked some more with Jacob. He told me all about his love of drawing, and reading; specifically the Magic Tree House books, featuring Jack and Annie and their time-travelling excursions. I told him that I, too, loved the Magic Tree House books, and that I was very impressed with his reading skills. He said thank you, and told me that he liked my dress (which he described as "cucumber green"); how cute!! We continued to talk over the next few minutes about magic crayons, Thomas the Tank, and Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus. Jacob was quickly becoming my favorite of all five year-olds ever.

When we arrived at our final destination, I have to admit that I was very sad to say good-bye! Jacob and his ceaseless curiosity had turned what started out as an exasperating situation,  into one that was more than enjoyable. One of the most intelligent young children that I have ever met, Jacob dove whole-heartedly into every conversation that we had, and possessed such a focus and determination to solve every question that he came up with (and there were many of those!). He had more passion in his tiny little body than some people display over a lifetime. He reminded me that we cannot ever lose our sense of curiosity, and let ourselves settle into the mundane rut of everyday life. The world is ours, and it is waiting for us to explore it!

I was reminded that there is ALWAYS a silver lining to any situation that seems hopeless, and sometimes it might come in the form of a five year-old boy with a love for time machines.

Bre :))


  1. My dear Breanna, I feel certain that Jacob’s mother has just as many wonderful things to say about a bright and talented 20-year-old college student who paid so much attention to her inquisitive little boy. You are an angel!

  2. Aunt Donna you are too sweet!!! Thank you! His mom did come over and say thank you multiple times. I wanted to give her my cell phone number, and tell her that I baby-sit, but I chickened out! I didn't want to be pushy.